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"The open highway to the enjoyment of so-called classic music is the hearing of it in large quantities. There is a short cut for those who lack the time or the inclination for this long training ... and it is by way of learning the elements of musical form. For it is the crystallization of human passion into some graceful and powerful form that gives music long life...."

–Rupert Hughes, Music Lovers Encyclopedia, 1903

I love this quote because for many, the idea of teaching musical appreciation and music history is overwhelming and can seem like long training. The information in this issue will provide you with ideas and activities to help understand what form in music is, and how to apply that understanding to other listening selections! Along with biographical and historical information about the composer, students will make connections that will span cross-curricular objectives!

In this issue, you will get an easy to read biography of the composer's life, 6 listening examples with activities and extension ideas, and a biographical chapter about the composer written in a classic narrative form from the early 1900's.

The Great Musician series is also a wonderful supplement to this issue. You can find the corresponding composer book here (

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